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About Me


I love to laugh and I think learning should be fun. In order to grow, we must allow ourselves to make mistakes, learn from them, and continually set new goals that challenge us whilst we sing and play.

My students teach me how to teach them, and when they achieve, so do I. We share in many victories, some big, some small, and nothing is more fun and rewarding than helping others achieve their goals, or even surpass their own expectations.

I am your vocal coach:
I am your cheerleader!

My Story

Some call me a singer-songwriter, some call me a composer-producer, and some call me Mama Songbird!

I have over 20 years of experience in the field of music and performing arts, and have released 3 solo albums plus a 4th in collaboration with my family thanks to the online phenomenon (which I have become obsessed with!) called crowdfunding. I have also released a short film, written music for others including a web-series (Supernovae), and sang the national anthem in front of 20 000 screaming football fans.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with a wide range clients coming from different walks of life including artist management companies & record labels (Fresh Entertainment, Aquarius Records), artist showcasing events and festivals (Talent Nation, Festival de Joliette), independent recording artists, touring performers, singers coming to my studio in Montreal, the family of talented sisters down the street, singers from around the world on my Skype screen, singers on youtube (video analysis), and the guy next door.

As a coach, I feel it is important to examine both the artistic and scientific elements of vocal production to address all aspects of vocal training and performance: posture and alignment, breath management, range, resonance, articulation, musicality, microphone technique, vocal health, interpretation, connection, stage performance, and overall artist development.

My Creations, My Art

Private Voice Lessons

The Benefits of Vocal Training

It’s safe to say that all singers want to get the most out of their vocal instrument, be able to command the voice with ease, and deliver a song in a way that connects with the listener. The beauty of a singers’ voice or his ability to command the instrument at will is often what fascinates audiences.

Training the voice with proper guidance will address issues regarding range, strength, flexibility, agility, intonation, coordination, and more.

Other benefits includes: Increased energy, open-heartedness, expressiveness, improved physical and emotional awareness, greater physical and vocal strength, vocal confidence (both speaking and singing), increased vocal range, clearer articulation, a fully resonant sound, knowledge of music reading, literature, and languages, experience with a variety of musical styles, etc.

Just For Fun – To Prepare For An Audition – For In Studio Or Live Performance Support


Private One on One Lessons

Angie offers coaching worldwide via Skype as well as in-studio sessions if you live in Montreal, Canada. All lesson plans are structured according to the students’ particular goals and needs. All levels of singers are welcome (beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional), ages 10 and up. Angie specializes in contemporary styles but has experience in the classical genre as well.

Take an artistic and scientific look at vocal production and address all aspects of vocal training including alignment, breathing, range, resonance, articulation, microphone technique, vocal health as well as interpretation and stage performance.




Personalized coaching and vocal training at Angie’s Montreal based studio.


Receive personalized lessons with Angie from the comfort of your own home.

Rates & Payments

One 60 minute Intensive Session: $65

4 X 60 Minute Consecutive Weekly Sessions: $240

By cash or personal cheques
By Interact Email Transfer (for Canada only)
By Paypal (add 4.5% Paypal fee)

  • Payments must be made in full before the lesson.
  • Minimum 48 hours notice for cancelations.

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What They Say

“I like to compare the voice to a garden of sorts where one can cultivate the most beautiful of flowers by removing all of the bad weeds. Angie’s techniques are those of a constant gardener.”

– Carole McClure, Montreal.


“It’s all in your head; the key to singing well is understanding what you are dealing with (breath, muscles, voice…) and how to ”go get it”. That’s what Angie Arsenault will get through to you. An organic lesson super chill and relax that gives you something to think, practice and sing about!”

– Karim Terouz of “The Rising Few”, Montreal


“Angie Arsenault has helped me understand the voice and has guided me to a whole new level of singing comfort and performance. She is able to quickly evaluate a singer’s technique and provides instant feedback on what can be improved. Lessons with Angie are always laid-back, constructive and fun and her recitals also bring forth great talent from the city.”

– Dave Tone of “Diamond Tree”, Montreal


“Angie has an approach to teaching the voice that is not only technically sound and natural, but she also has the talent to discover the hidden treasures in her students. Her soft, creative, and tailored approach brings confidence and trust in our own tools. For an authentic approach to all styles of inquiry, Angie is a highly qualified guide.”

Chantal Blanchard (Vocal coach and former singer for Cirque du Soleil), Montreal


I am so happy to have found Angie for a voice coach! She has an amazing ability to inspire self confidence and make you feel comfortable, no matter your level, all the while demonstrating that you are in the hands of a very knowledgeable professional. I thoroughly enjoy every session and consistently leave exhilarated by all the tips and exercises I want to apply to my singing!

– Kerri Surtees, Montreal


“Angie is incredible, especially with her capacity to explain techniques and in my case, pronunciation for my English song choices. The lessons were very interesting and now I understand a lot of things about singing and I can’t stop to learn now!!!!”

Marco Rasola, Italy


“I’ve said it before but I don’t think I can say it enough, Angie has opened up a magical door in front of me. I’ve had the chance to work with her for many years and have experienced many events with her: from my first time on stage, to my first audition, and my first concert… I couldn’t have done it without her guidance and support. I’ve had the chance to work with many great coaches, but Angie has a very special place in my heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Angie.”

Tamar Panossian (Montreal)


“After just a few months of vocal lessons with Angie, there was already an improvement in my vocal abilities. I felt comfortable with her from lesson 1, she is sweet, funny, and her teaching methods are fun, easy to understand and super effective! I definitely plan on continuing to improve and expand my vocal abilities with her help. Thanks for everything Angie!”

– Jessica B. (Montreal)


“Angie has helped me grow from a death metal singer to a well rounded singer. The clean voice is something that I have always wanted to get down to an art and my lessons with Angie have opened the door. She has a comprehensive way of teaching clean vocals and theory that anyone can understand. I recommend Angie to anyone coming from any genre and any level to learn from her and broaden their horizons.”

Thodrekr Krighammer


Free Tips & Tools

Singing Tip 1: Breathe through a straw

The breath activates the voice and carries the sound; this is why practicing good breath management is so important.

Singing Tip 2: The straw, the snake, and the bee

As seen in last weeks tip, try breathing in very slowly through a straw (or a tiny opening in the lips), but this time, breathe out on a hissing sound; like a snake.

Singing tip 3: Yes; m hmm

To work on the natural onset of the voice, try this humming type of sound like when you agree to something.


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